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Beginner Guitar Lessons: Chord Box

The Chord Box The arrows horizontally point at the frets The arrows vertically point at the strings Unlike TAB the chord box is not upside down – but is a mirror image instead. ‘There are no mistakes, save one: the failure to learn from a mistake’ – Robert Fripp   Pulling your fingers out Let’s […]

Understanding TAB – Tabulature Part 3

Continued from previous page – Understanding TAB – Tabulature Part 2 Take a look at the next part in the Tab of ‘Hall of The Mountain King’ We’re now going to be playing a note on the 1st fret Use your 1st finger to ‘fret’ this note. To play the above note: Press the ‘A’ string on the […]

Free Guitar Lesson: 1 String Exercise

Getting your fingers to untwist themselves can be a frustrating process. Practice is king – for the exercise we’re going to use the ‘G’ string as our basis and the notes from the A minor(natural) scale have been used – this will hopefully give us a few things, Learn how to use our fingers properly. […]

Learning the Notes of C Major on Guitar

Learning the Notes of C Major on Guitar: Exercise for Guitar: Across the top in capitals: Notes from stave Down the side: Strings on guitar Numbers: Frets in guitar Try learning the above in realtion to the stave Try picking out the different patterns. A clue, there are 5 patterns. There are 3 starting on […]