Caline CP-15 Tantrum Distortion Pedal test 1

CP-15 Tantrum Metal Distortion

Budget Pedal Audio Test – £25.59 distortion pedal

The Tantrum Distortion pedal features an effective 3-band EQ, which helps

to make the guitar sound cut through the mix.

Lush basses and shimmering highs are typical Tantrum trademarks.

Mid Scoop-sounds can easily be dialed in.

In addition to the distortion section, there is a separate, controllable boost-function.

Pedal Settings:


Fender Teelcaster (Mexican) – Seymour Duncan Bridge Pickup Mod

Epiphone Les Paul(Korean)

Harley Benton CST-24 Deluxe (Vietnam?)- Roswell Pickups

Squire Bullet Strat (China) – with Iron Gear Hot Rails Bridge Pickup


Marshall Valvestate 40V 8040

Clean Channel all settings at Noon



True bypass

Power requirements: 9V DC center negative

Power consumption: 30mA

Dimensions: 119x94x38mm

Weight: 0.35kg

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