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New Backing track in A Minor

Freya A Minor Backing Track: Created with MT Powerkit Drumkit, Sampletank Stage EP, Reasynth and Reaper. Drums Only For more backing tracks in A Minor: A Minor Backing Track Playlist

New A Minor Backing Track for free

Simple backing track for mellow Minor natural melodies and a bit off pentatonic loveliness. Chord progression: Am/C/G/Am/F/Am/G/G Am/C/G/Am/F/Am/G/Em Use Minor pentatonic scale and the Natural minor.

Youtube Playlist of A Minor Backing Tracks

Playlist of backing tracks created by Untidy Music for guitarists to practice A minor scales and phrases. These jam tracks were written and recorded initially for my students – I teach guitar in Manchester, Salford, Wigan and Leigh. You can contact me about lessons @ You can also download all these tracks @ […]

Free A Minor Backing Tracks – Jam Tracks for Guitar

Free A Minor Backing Tracks Free A Minor Backing Tracks to listen to or download. Free Jam tracks to play along to for practising Blues and Rock pentatonic scales, runs and phrases in the key of A Minor. Free A Minor Backing Tracks Playlist Mellow Playlist A Minor Natural Scale:  A B C D E […]