Wire in my Heart – New Back Bone Shiver

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Wire in my heart by Back Bone Shiver

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My sides are aching, laughed myself into a hole.

You left me hanging when all I needed was a rope.

How can I apologise with your hands wrapped around my throat.

The more I understand the less I know.

You’re like a hole in the sky,lost your shine but still priceless.

And still our highness, regardless.

Like the whole of the sky, you tried so hard but couldn’t find us.

Left us in heartache and darkness.

Give me the punchline I’ll tell you the joke.

How can I step aside if I don’t know which way your going.

You’re like a bird in the sky that grew tired of always flying.

Clipped your wings just to spite us.

And now the whole of the sky, looks down through blackened eyelids,

Condemns our hearts to silence.


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