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Don't Call Me Jonah – Back Bone Shiver

Song written and recorded by Back Bone Shiver Lyrics: Scatter my body into the sea So I can drown for eternity Let the waves be my Final retribution See the sky scream bloody murder Your forever treading water And heaven knows this good for nothing Will always sink right to the bottom So sink my […]

Wire in my Heart – New Back Bone Shiver

Free new Back Bone Shiver track available to download under Creative Commons license. Wire in my heart by Back Bone Shiver Download for free Lyrics: My sides are aching, laughed myself into a hole. You left me hanging when all I needed was a rope. How can I apologise with your hands wrapped around my […]

Free Download – Back Bone Shiver 'Ode' – Demo

Free to download. Click Here   Lyrics: Memories turn to white lies. Flick the switch, watch and learn. No 2nd chances, bridges burnt. Bridge: I can easily shift the blame It’s not a trick, it’s not a game Chorus: Cos I know somethings will never change I can live without knowing your name. Verse 2: […]