Abbey Road Chambers – $49

Abbey Road Chambers – $49

From beautiful natural chamber reverb to surging delay cascades, the rich sounds of the legendary Abbey Road Studio 2 echo chamber are now at your fingertips, complete with Abbey Road’s long-lost S.T.E.E.D. setup. The Abbey Road Chambers plugin recreates a defining part of Abbey Road Studios’ renowned sonic signature – the echo chamber used by Abbey Road engineers from the 50’s and 60’s to this day, to create memorable reverbs, delays and other unique spatial effects on countless classic recordings by the Beatles and beyond. Created together with Abbey Road Studios, Abbey Road Chambers puts you at the controls of the Studio 2 echo chamber, complete with the vintage Neumann KM53 microphones and Altec 605 speaker originally used in the chamber by Abbey Road’s engineers during the 60s period. To top it off, Abbey Road Chambers features a complete recreation of Abbey Road Studios’ original S.T.E.E.D. (Send. Tape. Echo. Echo. Delay.) setup – a system designed to extend the chamber’s natural sonic palette into new territories, by splitting the signal and creating a feedback loop from the studio’s REDD.17 console, through a dedicated tape delay, through the RS106 and RS127 filters, to the chamber and back. Abbey Road Chambers also gives you the original filters going into the chamber – EMI’s RS106 hi/low pass filter and the EMI RS127 Rack EQ – to further sculpt the perfect chamber sound. As a bonus, the plugin also includes impulse responses of two additional legendary spaces: Abbey Road’s famed Mirror Room, and the Stone Room of Olympic Studios, London. Abbey Road Chambers is designed in a modular fashion: You can send your tracks just to the chamber, or you can isolate just the S.T.E.E.D. effect, or you can combine both for the full range of sonic possibilities opened by the original Abbey Road setup. From natural chamber reverb, to authentic tape delay, to complex hybrid effects – the door to the one-of-a-kind vintage acoustics of the Abbey Road chambers is finally open. True-to-life capture of Abbey Road’s legendary Studio 2 echo chamber. Created in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios. Shape effects from natural chamber reverb, to authentic tape delay, to complex hybrid effects. Complete modeling of Abbey Road’s original S.T.E.E.D. setup. Dedicated EMI RS106 and EMI RS127 EQs to further sculpt the chamber effect. Your choice of additional spaces: Abbey Road’s Mirror Room and Olympic Studios’ Stone Room. Choose classic or modern speakers, including Abbey Roads original Altec 605. Choose vintage or modern microphones, including Abbey Road’s original Neumann KM53. Variable mic and speaker positions.

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Updated: September 24, 2018 — 8:53 am

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