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Line 6 POD studio

Line 6 POD Studio

Line 6 POD Studio UX1 with POD Farm Standard

These days the amount of choice for guitarists when it comes to virtual effects is pretty breathtaking.

The POD studio is no exception…

POD Studio™ UX2 combines the stunning sounds of POD Farm™ plug-in with a powerful USB interface.

POD Farm plug-in features every model necessary for pro-sounding tracks. Over 80 immortal and fully adjustable guitar amps, bass amps, preamps and more, from vintage classics to must-have modern monsters, are packed inside to deliver legendary POD® tone to your DAW.

UX2 is a rock-solid interface that provides exceptional home studio recording in an easy-to-use package. The incredibly quiet guitar inputs, high-quality mic preamps, complete set of ins and outs and more provide a truly pro recording experience.

Line POD 6 studio

Line 6 POD Studio UX2 Pro Tone Recording & Modelling Interface @ Dolphin Music £129.00

Line 6 Pod Studio UX2 USB Audio Interface @ Gear 4 Music £129.00


Line 6 POD Studio GX @ Dolphin Music £62.00

Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 USB Audio Interface @ Gear 4 Music £89.00

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