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Untidy Music Free Midi Drums – Introduction

Untidy Music Free Midi Drum Files(link) Available for download and free to the public, these are basic beats and fills created by myself for use by those who want to learn how to create their own beats or simply to use wholesale. They are free to use. Each beat will come in more than one […]

Evolution X-Session (not pro) – Midi Controller

Evolution X-Session UC-17 Ok so I picked this item up on ebay a couple of weeks after I bought the NanoKontrol. It’s initial use was to be as a controller for my plugins – that said not quite got that job done yet. —–>>>>Add tutorial here…working on it please wait… Bugger to find drivers or […]

Setting Up NanoKontrol – Sonar

The following is a tutorial on mapping the Korg NanoKontrol to Sonar… If you’re looking to setup the NanoKONTROL for Reaper then click here To start check your installation of the driver is correct – Install Korg NanoKONTROL usb Driver —–>>> Setting up the NanoKontrol is quite simple really – for this tutorial I’ll be […]

Setting Up – Korg NanoKontrol – Driver

This article covers installation of the NanoKONTROL – it’s designed for the newbie and is written in such a manner. Video Guide This guide was also written as a check for the Set Up NanoKONTROL with Sonar guide If you are having problems installing the driver(usb device installed instead of Korg Driver) then scroll to […]

Korg NanoPad and NanoKontrol Review

Just after christmas I purchased the NanoPad and NanoKontrol usb controllers. The keyboard wasn’t necessary, It looks too small and awkward – but that is from a visual impression. NanoKontrol @ Dolphin Music £53.95 Korg NANOKONTROL USB Fader & Button Contrl -Black @ $59.99 @ Guitar Trader Anyway here’s a review of how things have […]