Reaper using Tempo to stretch a loop

Video on how to import audio loop into Reaper and use tempo to stretch and shrink drum loop.

Loop used is available to download for free here

Straight 4/4 Closed Hi Hats 8ths 100bpm – Pattern 1

To download Reaper – Click

Importing a loop into Reaper is a pretty simple thing to do.

Go to ‘Insert’ – ‘Media File’ – locate your loop.

In the video I’ve made sure that the tempo matches the loop I’m about to use – this will then allow us to speed up or slow it down.

If you are going to use more than one loop then it is best that they are all the same tempo and you import them first before you alter the tempo.

You can stretch slow down your loop as much as you want but it can start to sound a bit draggy if you go to far with lowering the tempo.

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