Backing Tracks, Loops and Midi Drum Files Updated

This week I’ve had to overhaul the website due to a script I was using for downloads going fubar.

I could have looked into fixing it but decided it would be more prudent to get things working again on a download front so there is a new look to things in this regard.

First up the backing tracks download pages have been updated

There are 15 tracks on each page ranging in styles and key. For the most part they’re in Am but I’m hoping to widen the scope of this some more.

I’ll be honest some are straight forward rock or blues, some are just plain odd but I think that adds to their appeal. Descriptions on each page include key signature and style.

All of these backing tracks are original compositions that were written either directly as backing tracks for guitar soloing or are pieces of music originally intended as straight composition but ended up being considered ideal for practicing lead guitar.

If you enjoy them please show some support and donate.


The loops available on this site are also offered up for free download, these will be scraped together from pre-programmed drums of my own (also offered as midi file downloads) and these pages will also include loops from my own recordings.

Some of these loops will be recorded at several different tempos.

The midi file examples will be recorded in such a way therefore making it easier for you to build your own drum tracks.

All loops are royalty free and free for download in mp3 format, again as asked before if you get any use from these files please drop us a line and tell us or even better donate to help keep this site ticking over.


The midi drum files on this site are again also up for free download, there are recorded examples in several tempos going from 80 to 130bpm.

Each drum pattern will also be followed by at least 2 variations, in some cases 5 variations.

On the download pages each file description will be accompanied by an image depicting each pattern so you can try and learn how to create you own.

Each pattern is in two bar patterns.


The future:

Hopefully in the new year I will be able to start uploading more drums and backing tracks but I also intend to upload guitar samples and bass loops.

That said it all takes time so…


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