Non Renewal of Domain Name – Yorhost Web-Mania – review

So I’ve kept my mouth shut or my keyboard from runnng away with me but here it is.

Yorhost sucks.

That’s right I said it.

Yorhost formerly web-mania sucks, its sucks arse, royally.


Because they don’t do what you pay them to do.

They don’t answer emails, their call centre(cough) constantly rings through to answer machine and their live help is um well dead.

Why do I say this?

Well let’s start from when I was a satisfied customer.

I first stared using web-mania about 5 years ago without problem.

But sometime last year they switched to naming themselves yorhost.

That is when the problems started.

They took ages to answer emails and never answered the phone.

Their live help died of something or other, probably disinterest.

But then I should have seen the warning signs but I did not.

So on the 27th I paid to renew my domain name having switched all my hosting over to hostgator.

I’d thought about switching my domain over to another providor but getting a response from these idiots was painful.

So I paid my money and got..

Nothing, nada, zip, shit all and some.

They let it expire despite taking my money.

I emailed, I emailed again and again.


And my website got parked.

So what did I do?

I contacted the registrar

Who were very helpful.(you’ll have to sign up to create a ticket)

And now I have my website back.

It cost me more and I still haven’t got a refund.

So if you still have domain names and or hosting I suggest you get out now before you lose your work.

Thanks onlinenic.

And Yorhost/Web-mania – you suck balls!

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