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‘We have great news today: we are about to finalize our porting effort
to Pro Tools and 64-bit platforms. After all our equalizers and the
FreqAnalyst CM plug-in in Computer Music Magazine in May, the
remaining two plug-ins are about to be released in the coming days.

As far as new plug-ins are concerned, we are currently in private beta
stage for our next creation… It’s a matter of weeks before it is
unleashed: stay connected!

See you soon on

The Blue Cat Audio Team.

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst CM 1.2 released

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst CM Edition version 1.2 is out! This spectrum
analysis plug-in is exclusively available for free with Computer Music
Magazine. The new version can be found in Computer Music Magazine 152
(June), which also includes a short tutorial about spectrum analysis to get
started with the plug-in. The new version of the plug-in brings Pro
Tools (RTAS) and 64-bit platforms support as well as several
improvements and fixes.

When installing the plugin you will be asked a code to enable the stereo version of the analyzer. You can obtain this code by registering Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst CM.

If you already own the magazine and you are looking for complementary analysis tools, check out our other audio analysis plugins!

Blue Cat’s Dynamics Appears in Fast Guide to Cubase 5

Blue Cat’s Dynamics plug-in has been recommended by Simon Millward in his book: Fast Guide to
Cubase 5
. The plug-in appears on page 308:

“Overall [Blue Cat’s] Dynamics is an extremely flexible dynamics
processor providing the majority of commonly used dynamics functions
within a single unit.”

If you do not already own this plug-in, you might want to check out
the demo!

Blue Cat’s EQ Plugins updated – incl. RTAS and 64-bit support

All our EQ plugins are now available for Pro Tools and 64-bit platforms, check them out!

This update also brings bug fixes and improvements. The upgrade from
the previous version is free for existing customers. It concerns the
Liny EQ, Parametr’EQ and Triple EQ plug-in series.’

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