Qamp Free Distortion and Feedback VST Plugin

Qamp from ConcreteFX

Qamp is a amp simulation VST plugin,

Amp distortion with speaker simulation, feedback and EQ.
Qamp: Free VST amp distortion with speaker simulation, feedback and eq
Controls are

Tone         – tone of pre-amp
Emp          – emphasis of pre-amp
Boost         – Pre-amp boost
Sat          – Saturation of pre-amp
Syn          – Pre-amp rectification
Wave        – Wavetype

Len         – Feed len
Feed        – Feed vol
Width        – Feed width
Speed        – Feed speed
Filter        – Feed filter

Model       – type of amp simulation
Boost       – amp simulation boost
Sat         – amp simulation saturation
Sym         – amp simulation rectification

Low         – low band eq volume
Mid         – mid band eq volume
Hi         – high band eq volume

Volume        – main volume

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