Free VST Instrument – Guitar VSTi – Super Riff

Super Riff free VST Instrument comes in two flavours,  – Guitar VSTi and Bass VSTi

Guitar Version:

super riff guitar VSTi free plugin instrument download

Bass Version:

super riff bass VSTi free plugin instrument download

Are you looking for full featured audio plug-ins capable of creating every guitar sound and nuance possible?

If you are then SuperRiff is NOT for you! 🙂

These free and very simple VST standard plugins were created for fun and are far from revolutionary. However, in the right hands they can be quite useful and allow access to a simple set of guitar and bass samples capable of being used in any production or performance deemed suitable.

Download for free here

As you can see above SuperRiff comes in two flavours, Guitar and Bass.

SuperRiff Guitar and SuperRiff Bass are simple VST instruments that contain a limited set of custom electric and bass guitar single note samples for use in computer music production.

Download for free here

There many types of free guitar and bass VST plug-ins available on the net and SuperRiff is not intended to compete with any of them but rather to give musicians another free option to consider.

The idea with SuperRiff Guitar/Bass was to create a soundset of samples that contain the most basic ways of getting sound from a guitar (at least in the rock world) and to combine them in such a way that all they could be used to create a simple but reasonable rhythm/lead or bass guitar performance.
Both guitar and bass plug-ins have been created with rock type productions in mind but of course can be used in any genre.

Download for free here

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