Free VST Guitar plugin – Tribe Clean Amp

Tribe Clean Amp – Free VST Guitar plugin,

Free VST Plugin for guitar:AcmeBarGigs 'Tribe'

‘Tribe is our all new clean amp, and is designed to give you pure, crystal clear clean tones, providing you with the perfect blank canvas to further sculpt your tone. Using technologies borrowed from Whisper and RedShift and with the option of loading an Impulse Response file of your choice, Tribe is designed to give out a smooth stream of constant clean tone.

Whether you’re tired of your current amp sim’s clean tones or are just looking for a blank canvas to experiment with, give Tribe a shot and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

Tribe came to be as a means of acoustic modeling. The original idea was to place an IR in front of a clean amp and see what we could get. Well, that didn’t quite work out. However, what Tribe represents is a means for you to experiment with this concept. ‘- AcmeBarGig

Download for free here

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