Free VST Plugin – Trashcoder – Vocoder

Trashcoder – Vocoder – Free VST Plugin.

free vst plugin - trashvocoder - vocoder effect

‘Trashcoder is a small interesting Plug-In with great vocoder powers to produce warm analog sounds and trashy hard sounds. Trashcoder simulates an analog vocoder and has extra modulation features.

The vocoder effect is amazingly adjustable and comes with vocoder filterbank shaper, sound morph levels and extra cutting modulation. All this in one free Plug-In.

This real-time effect can make classic vocoder sounds like robot voice and morphing. It also comes with new sharp cutting sounds, overtone enhancer and dirty trash sounds.

* Works in real-time
* Any VST track can be carrier sound and speech sound
* Vocoder filterbank shaper morph hardness level
* Cutting modulator frequency
* Input carrier and speech gain output gain
* Switch for carrier and speech routin’

Download for free here

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