Not updated the site for over a week.


Well there is a reason and it’s called ‘Synth Edit‘ –

If you’ve ever wanted to design your own VST effect or Instrument it’s a brillaint peice of software. I tried Synth Maker previously and will go back to that when I can afford to pay for it.

At the moment though I’m truly caught up with Synth Edit,

From their site,

“SynthEdit is a Modular Synthesiser for Windows XP and Vista.
With SynthEdit you can design your own Synth from the ground up.  Drag and drop modular components, connect them with virtual “patch cords”.

I’ve had a giggle with this software over the last week, so far I’ve created a Guitar Effect and a Synth Thingy.

The software is pretty hard going at first until you stick your head into the really helpful forum,

Synthedit Gathering – I’ve not posted there yet but I have trawled around and there seem to be a lot of healthy discussions and helpful advice going on. You should also take a look at the modules available.

Also without doubt the next goto place is,

David Haupt’s Sythedit Pages – There are lot’s of modules here to help with your projects, and if you’re willing to fork out the moola for the  E-Book – Visual VST/i-Programming you could be on your way to making a noise.

A couple of other sites worth checking out,

Yahoo Groups

SynthEdit online discussion group.  Includes file area with example Synths, Effects and prefabs.

Need your own knobs(heh) get Knobman software

I will be uploading my first attempts sometime soon and will also be adding some basic starter tips of my own to help you get started.

See ya later.

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