Free VST Synth instrument – Meesha:Orion

Free VST Synthesizer Instrument,

Messhas Orion Synth,

Free Vst Instrument - Synthesizer: Orion

Created using synthedit this freeware synthesizer plugin is simple and easy to use.

– 8 voice polyphonic

– 2 oscillators with sine, saw, ramp, triangle and pulse wave, white and pink noise

– Oscillator sync

– Pulse width and PWM

– ADSR for each oscillator

– 2 lfo’s with sample and hold, rate sync and delay and release

– A separate filter section for each oscillator, with ADSR

– Effect section with stereo delay and Flanger

– Ring modulator

– Mono mode

– Full MIDI control and automation

– Great analog sound

Download for free here

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