Free Vst Plugin – Sub Bass Synthesizer – Abyss

Abyss Sub-Bass Synthesizer – free vst plugin by Johnny Beaver@ LowerRythym

free vst plugin by Johnny Beaver@ LowerRythym - Abyss

‘Abyss is a very simple synthesizer effect intended to
be inserted on your bass drum channel. While allowing the
original signal to come through untouched, it adds a secondary
layer of tunable, low end bass synth. This is a very easy way to
add controlled low end to your bass drum without obliterating it
with an equalizer.

‘Although Abyss can be used in a versatile fashion, it
was designed with synthetic drums in mind. As of right now you
can’t manually adjust the input threshold, so drum samples with
improperly cut tails will hold the threshold open longer than
it might need to be.’

Apparently this will probably be fixed in a future version.


FRQ    : Synth output frequency (40Hz – 320Hz).
WAVE    : Waveform selector (Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse)
CUT    : Lowpass filter cutoff.
ATT    : Envelope attack.
REL    : Envelope release.
VOL    : Volume of synth

Download for free here

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