Free VST Plugins – TLR Effects Pack

TLR Effects Pack: Free VST Plugins Pack,

The Knob

The Knob is a stereo consolidation effect. It takes your
left and right inputs and allows you to crossfade between the
two for a mono output (the output is actually in stereo, but the
signal is mono). Basically this is just supposed to allow the
user to take a signal with strong stereo properties and remix it
a bit to cause either the left or right channel information to

free vst plugin strateji

Strateji is a combination stereo separator and lowpass
filter (12db per octave biquad). You can switch the input from
mono to stereo and back via an on-board switch. The filter is
applied to both left and right channels equally.

What’s the purpose? With Strateji you get a lot of
panning options that whatever is generating your signal might
not have. Switch left and right, play with individual channel
volumes (or even cut one out altogether), widen your stereo
field, etc.

free vst plugin: gnaw

Gnaw is an audio pulverizer I intended for use with
drums. Controls are as follows:

zip!    : Master volume.
huh?    : Clean… level? Yes, clean level.
pow!    : Tube Gain.
bam!    : Soft Distortion shape.
fizz!    : Soft Distortion limit.
switch    : Turns on the “Uhnf.”
uhnf    : Distortion through obnoxious quantization.

Free VST Plugins: Dimenshun

Dimenshun effectively ‘re-texturizes’ the sound passed
through it via a strange arranngement of oscillators connected
to resamplers.


Dimenshun = weird, crazy stuff.

BUT WHAT THE [email protected]#%^&= DOES THIS KNOB DO?!

Furthest to the left is the LFO section. Turn it on with
the LFO button, adjust the speed and depth with the rate / dep
knobs. This LFO helps drive the rate of both oscillators a and b.

Immediately to the right of that we have our controls
that pertain to the two main oscillators. You get:

-a rate knob that controls speed

-a modulation knob that controls how much of the specific
oscillator’s signal you’re sending to the other one (see fig. a)

-a sync button for each oscillator that forces synchronization
with the other oscillator.


-waveforms selectors.

After this stage everything is dumped into a lovely
little lowpass filter that has a pitch cutoff knob (“cut”). Last
but not least are your clean and filthy controls that are simply
your dry and wet output signals respectively.


That’s okay, neither do I. Just push stuff, turn knobs
and really just fiddle with it until you get something you like
(or hate).

TLR Effects Pack: Free VST Plugins Pack,

Download for free here

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