Free VST plugin – Equivibe

Lower Rythyms – Equivibe – Free VST Plugin,

free vst plugin effect - equivibe

‘Designed with electric pianos, strings and pads in mind,
Equivibe is a hybrid of an EQ / Vibrato effect. After splitting
your input into 9 bands, those relative frequencies are then
individually modulated by their own dedicated oscillator —
which is, in turn, modulated by an additional oscillator.’

‘Although you can crank the modulation rates up to about
5k, the best results are generally going to be found on the low
end of the available frequency range.’


Frq Knobs    : Controls modulation rates for said frequency.

(on the left — this LFO modulates all the others)
WAVE        : LFO waveshape
RATE        : LFO Rate
DEPTH        : LFO Depth

(on the right)
WAVE        : main modulation waveshape
LVL        : Wet output volume
DRY        : Dry output volume

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