Endorphin – free dual band compressor limiter vst

Endorphin dual-band stereo compressor free vst

Endorphin – free vst limiting and dualband compression plugin.

Analogue style brickwall limiter

An overview on the features:

Two independent frequency bands (low and high frequency processing)

Switchable stereo or M/S mode operation

Two basic compressor designs:

  • modern vca mode with soft-knee characteristics and manual time constants. This mode provides an instant response behaviour and deep compression, using a feed-forward circuit

  • Vintage-style opto (photo resistor) mode, modelled after ancient opto-electrical compressors. The time constants stay manually set, but they are also affected by the signal’s energy. This mode has the typical opto-style ‘overshoot’ on quick transients, this is one of the most gentle compressors you may find. Classical feed-back detector circuit

Adjustable high-level output stage with analog-style saturation

Global ‘de-comp/sat’ section. It’s you who decides how the unit reacts to large amounts of gain reduction as well as when and how to saturate.
Maximum output: -0.1dBFS. This is very helpful when using the plugin as the last stage before burning the CD.


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