Free VST Plugin – Blister- Bit Crusher/Tube Gain

Free VST Plugin – Blister.

Free VST Plugin - Blister - Tube Distortion and Bit Crusher

‘Blister is designed to be used only when all other
attempts at making something sound horrible have failed. By
combining tube-style gain, bit crushing and a synthesizer that
detects your signal frequency, Blister barfs out a stew of
noisy, atonal junk along with a variable amount of your original


Blister is split into two sections: Left and Right.

Left Section:
PRE : Pre amp gain.
POST : Post amp gain.
CRUSH : Bit crushing amount.
DRY : Dry signal output

Right Section:
OSC : This controls the level of Ralph Gonzalez’s
NewWave module.
CUT : Global lowpass filter cutoff.
[3 Buttons] : Allows you to select a waveform for the osc.

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