UAD Sidechain and Sonar Revisted

The folloing is an update of this article,

After trying to follow what I wrote decided I needed to show where tracks were going to understand correctly what was happening.

I’ve also included screen shots and the actual Sonar 7 file that you can download(here) and test.

:::The SetUp:::

Track to be affected:  Synth? add two ‘Sends’ to track.

Two trigger tracks: can be a ‘Drum Loop’, ‘Kick’ or ‘Vocal’…

Create 5 ‘Buses’

These should be named: In L, In R, Pump L, Pump R, Pump Out



Sidechain UAD triggers and source setup

Sidechain UAD trigger setup

Trigger L -> Pan Right 100% ->Pump L

Trigger R -> Pan Left 100%   ->Pump R

Sidechain UAD Track to be affected setup

Sidechained: Send 1 (No Pan) -> In L

Sidechained: Send 2 (No Pan) -> In R

Note:- Sidechained Output should be set to ‘none’

Sidechain for UAD and Sonar Bus Setup


Sidechain for UAD and Sonar Bus Setup - In L and In R

In L:  -30db – Pan 100% Left -> Pump L

In R:  -30db – Pan 100% Right -> Pump R

Sidechain for UAD and Sonar Bus Setup: Pump L, Pump R and Pump Out

Pump L: Pan 100% Left -> Pump Out + Compressor

Pump R:  Pan 100% Right -> Pump Out + Compressor

Pump Out bus can be used to control the output volume

Download the template here you’ll need to add you’re compressor to the two buses as above.

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