Setting up the sound card

Go to

– ‘Options’

Options Screen

– ‘Audio’

Options Audio

Choose your preferred sound card from the drop down menu.

Choose Sound Card

Now we choose which kind of driver you need.

Choose Driver

If you are sure your sound card supports ‘ASIO’ then choose that option.

If it doesn’t then try ‘WDM’

If you experience problems then choose ‘MME’

Choose Driver 2

Make sure you click the ‘Ok’ button.

When finished Sonar will prompt you to restart.

Restart Sonar and the changes will be applied.

If you have conflicts. you can try disabling your wireless connection – if you have one

Also if you have a firewire, usb or pci sound card and the onboard sound card is setting up as default you can disable the onboard in sonar,

Disable Sound Card

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