Setting up Sonar on a laptop

Ok so my laptop is a compaq presario, and while I like it, there is one major flaw.

The sound card. Conexxant HD. Proper rubbish.

No ASIO support. Which presents a problem.

So how do we solve this?

Well there’s the ASIO4ALL download click here and you’re welcome to try it.

The other option is this,

Open up Sonar , goto options and select audio

Options Laptop

This opens the audio options box as seen below, click advanced.

Audio Options - Laptop

Choose MME driver. The others will not work.

Audio Options Laptop 2

Now apply and restart sonar.

Should work nicely now.

Although please note that you will not be able to monitor recording through the ECHO function as there is a latency issue.

But if this all doesn’t suit you, it’s worth investing in an M-Audio Jam Lab. £20 – £40

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