Removing Hum with the Phase Invert on Sonar

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Before you go ahead I must point out that the following article was written in reaction to something I read, this being the internet please be aware that not everything you read is not an absoulute. As with experiments getting your hands dirty is half the fun.

Recently I setup my nice little 5watt Fender Champion 600 so that I could record using some new pedals.

On recording I started to hear a very distinctive ground hum.

Using EQ is the usual way to remove this kind of stuff but when I was investigating on the internet I came across a few forum conversations talking about this kind of thing.

First I needed to find out about Sonar 7 and phase inversion.

The image below shows the ‘Phase’ button encircled in red,

By clicking the above button you are now inverting the audio on that track.

I then went about recording my guitar.

First idea was to record a track with just the amp on with the guitar volume up as it would be during playing.

I then recorded a second track of me playing.

I inverted the phase on the second track and nothing happened.

So I split the track as shown below,

(click image to enlarge)

I copied the split portion onto track one.

I then inverted the phase on track one.

Voila – the hum was gone, well almost.

Take a listen to the recording below. (use headphones or transfer to a system setup with decent speakers otherwise you’ll not hear it.)

Download – hum


You can hear where the cloned track ends as in the above image.

How do I use this?

If I want to edit out hum I can just split tracks and delete was I don’t need.

The top and bottom is that you need to record exactly the same recording for this to work, it needs the same peaks and troughs fo the phase to invert.

Therefore one tool you thing you can use it for is this.

When you have a track with hum on it removing simply using eq dosen’t always work.

Editing your track can also have it’s pitfalls.

So clone your recorded track, invert it’s phase and then edit out your playing leaving just the hum.

When you play quite you will then have no hum inbetween your playing.

You could also try using an eq notch on your second track, a low pass filter around 50 – 60hz should remove hum.

But as with all things these are just ideas.

For me it was something to mess with for a few minutes and could be a really good tool for carving out eq or removing noise without damaging the dynamics in my tracks.

For now though I’m just at the staring stage and maybe I’ll add some more info later.

-Recording setup-

Sonar 7

Dual Core AMD 2ghz Processor + 2gb Ram

Windows XP

Behringer 1622fx Mixing Desk



Fender Champion 600 5w Amp

Electro Harmonix Double Muff

Planet Waves Guitar Leads

Fender Telecaster (Mexican)

-VST Plugins

RS Phase Reverse VST Plugin:

Invada Records: VST Phase plugin:


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