3rd Party Reaper Add Ons: Tale’s JSFX Pack


Tale’s JSFX Pack

This is my homebrew collection of free, hackable JSFX audio/MIDI plug-ins and libraries for REAPER v4.25+.

Tale’s JSFX Pack includes these JSFX plug-ins:

  • ab_mono: A/B two mono channels.
  • colored_noise: Colored noise generator.
  • drum_synth: Simple drum synth (GM compatible, although incomplete).
  • midi_sustain: MIDI sustain emulator.
  • midi_vibrato: MIDI vibrato via Pitch Bend.
  • mono_synth: Simple mono/poly synth.
  • poly_mono_midi_router: Dynamic poly/mono MIDI router (see tutorial by David Else).
  • random_midi_notes: Random MIDI note generator.
  • rc_filter: Multimode RC filter.
  • tube_amp: Preamp simulation.

The following JSFX libraries are included:

  • adsr.jsfx-inc: ADSR envelope.
  • array.jsfx-inc: Simple two-dimensional array interface.
  • complex.jsfx-inc: Complex math operations.
  • fft_real_synth.jsfx-inc: Real FFT bandlimited synthesis.
  • fft_synth.jsfx-inc: FFT bandlimited synthesis.
  • fourier_series.jsfx-inc: Fourier series waveforms.
  • lfo.jsfx-inc: Naive (non-bandlimited) low-frequency oscillator.
  • malloc.jsfx-inc: Dynamic memory management.
  • midi_queue.jsfx-inc: Sample accurate MIDI queue.
  • noise.jsfx-inc: Noise generator.
  • oversample.jsfx-inc: 2x oversampler.
  • poly_blep.jsfx-inc: PolyBLEP quasi-bandlimited tone generator.
  • rbj_filter.jsfx-inc: 2nd-order RBJ filter.
  • rc_filter.jsfx-inc: 1st-order RC filter.
  • sine.jsfx-inc: Efficient sine/cosine wave oscillator.
  • uint.jsfx-inc: Low-level 32/64-bit unsigned integer operations.
  • wavetable.jsfx-inc: Wavetable oscillator.
  • window.jsfx-inc: Window functions.
  • zdf_filter.jsfx-inc: Zero-delay feedback state variable filter.

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