7am Weirdness – Home Studio Storage Hacks

Ever needed a bespoke studio storage solution?

Expensive eh?

But the industry standard is

1. too expensive

2. too big/too small

Why not make your own or hack a peice of furniture,

Waiting for a delivery of amp parts from Germany I came across this article

ikea hacker:hack bedside tables into music studio racks

As someone who has built a mobile computer to fit his studio and has turned to Ikea to house other studio bits I can totally dig what this guy has done.

Take a tip from people like this, don’t splash the cash on industry pushed stuff.

Finding something else that will do the job just as well for a fraction of the price is class.

So ok you might have to hack away but when space and money are a consideration you have to think around a problem.

Check it out and take some inspiration.

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