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Render Track – Reaper – Beginners Lesson 3

Quick and simple lessons on how to use Reaper. Basic lesson 3 – Render. When you’ve finished recording your track/tracks in reaper and you’ve mixed you can render the project. Unless you’ve got lame installed to work with Reaper you will probably need to render to wav and then use another peice of software to […]

Wavosaur – Setting up VST Rack

Using VST fx in Wavosaur is pretty simple, although it does seem like a bit more work than other Audio Editors. Find VST: Rack and click the button, You’ve now got the screen below, Here we can load our vst. If you’ve got this far and you don’t know where your VST folder is then […]

Export Wav to Mp3 – Wavosaur

To save a wav file as an mp3 or export wav to mp3 using Wavosaur. Open the file you want to convert to mp3 as normal then choose File–Export–Export as Mp3. See picture above. Choose the bit rate you desire in the dropdown list. Click ok. Choose where you want to save file. Done.