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Musiccrow Free VST Pre-Amp Emulator Plugin

Musiccrow Free VST Pre-Amp Emulator Plugin ‘Preamp Emulator emulates the way tube preamps behave and sound. It will add the typical saturation and warmth of real tubes to your digital tracks!‘ Controls/Parameters: Input, Drive, Tube A, Tube B, Output and On/Off ‘Preamp emulator is very easy to use, and there are only a few parameters […]

Free VST Plugin – Leveling Amplifier – limiter

Leveling Amplifier v1.2 by Martin Best – Free VST Plugin Download from here ‘Leveling Amplifier was inspired by the famous hardware limiters of the past, it has a very fast response to peaks with a slow release for minimum distortion even when driven hard. The ‘Gain’ controls the input level from 0dB to +10dB, the […]

Free VST Plugin – Sweetboys Volcano Limiter/Maximizer

Sweetboys Volcano Limiter/Maximizer – Free VST Plugin Get it here Volcano combines a peak limiter and a level maximizer. It’s a pretty simple to use plugin having only 4 parameters: Threshold: Controls the level of limiting. If  clipping noise occurs reduce to a smaller setting. MaxOut: Controls the maximum level of output signal. It’s recommended […]

Free VST Compression Plugins – BuzComp Free Series

Free VST Compression Plugins – BuzComp Free Series – Download Here The BuzComp Free Series is a set of compression plugins from buzzroom. The Set contains the, BuzComp Free GranComp – Classic Hard Compressor – BuzComp Free GranComp3 – Multiband Classic Hard Compressor – BuzComp Free GeneComp – Generic Digital Linear Compressor – and finally […]

Free VST W1 Limiter Plugin

George Yohng’s W1 Limiter VST W1 Limiter is a clone of Waves L1, with identical output. Release curve simplified Release time multiplied 3 times (see notes below) Softening circuit filter changed Waves L1 famous limiter (and thus W1 – for compatibility reasons) uses three times longer actual release time than standard RT60 metric. This means […]