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How do I add a vst instrument – Sonar

How to Add ‘Vst’ Instrument – ‘Insert’ – ‘Soft Synth’ As you can see there is now a list of instruments now available. I will now add ‘Cakewalk TTS-1’

Using Staff view – Sonar

—->>>>Links to video guides at bottom of page To edit or write midi data we need to bring up the staff view screen. Hold the ‘ALT’ key and press ‘7’ You should now see this screen. Look at the interface at the top of the new screen. You can enter notes by highlighting the pencil […]

Setting up sound card in Sonar

Go to – ‘Options’ – ‘Audio’ Choose your preferred sound card from the drop down menu. Now we choose which kind of driver you need. If you are sure your sound card supports ‘ASIO’ then choose that option. If it doesn’t then try ‘WDM’ If you experience problems then choose ‘MME’ Make sure you click […]

Books On Recording

For the past few years I’ve been reading up on all aspects of recording,mixing and mastering. The following books cover all of the aspects of home recording, some are written from the view point of the musician working out side of pc recording. In my opinion the techniques can be brought over to the PC […]