Books On Recording

For the past few years I’ve been reading up on all aspects of recording,mixing and mastering.

The following books cover all of the aspects of home recording,
some are written from the view point of the musician working out side of pc recording.

In my opinion the techniques can be brought over to the PC realm.

read more below…

As a musician who has worked with 4-Track and 8 Track cassette studios
and worked with Sonar, Cubase and Reaper I can honestly say that these
books give you everything you need.

It is not necessary to buy all. Each book has it’s unique style.

To start with I recommend either Guerilla Home Recording,

or Home Recording For Musicians….
Both books are ideal and contain just about everything you’d need.

For more advanced information the following books are for more advanced information.

Especially my favourite Mastering Audio – the art and the science by Bob Katz.

To be honest not a neccesity, just a bloody good book and an absolute eye opener.
My goto book when my head gets cloudy with all aspects of mastering.
It teaches you to think not to just do. And the way Bob Katz writes helps,
he doesn’t talk in reams of jargon and treat it like it’s a secret society.
He’s open, funny and immensely helpful.

The next few books are part of my library, they help when I need to understand something.

Each book is pretty much the same in content but come at the problem/solution in different ways.
I find it helpful to have many references, you may not and may need a definitive book.

To be honest I don’t think there is one.

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