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Free VST Plugins: SIR1 Reverb effect

Freeware VST reverb plugin: SIR1 This is a reverb device that works with “impulse-responses”. Impulse-responses are generated by recording short broadband signals and their corresponding room-reflections. What you get contains the information needed to reproduce the same room with other signals Download for free here

Free VST Reverb Plugin: Voxengo OldSkoolVerb

From Voxengos free vst plugins range: OldSkoolVerb This is a reverb unit plug-in suitable mainly for instruments and sounds which do not have sharp percussive elements to them, otherwise this reverb sounds too edgy.  This reverb is great at creating additional ambience. Download for free here

Free Delay VST Plugin: Dub Delay

7th AIR PRODUCTIONS : DUB DELAY V 1.00 : FREE DUB/ECHO DELAY FX VSTi plugin A very simple but effective echo delay vsti. Fab sounding & versatile, great for vocals and drum percussion.The JM7 is a Free but highly respected delay unit. Download for free here

Free Reverb VST Plugin: Tal Reverb

Another free reverb effect to add to your vst plugins folder the TAL-Reverb is a free open source stereo plate reverb based on juce. Its very diffuse and has its own sound because of its special signal routing. Slight modulated delay times avoid artefacts in the reverb tail and give this reverb its smooth sound. […]

Kjaerhus Audios free VST plugins – Classic Reverb

Kjaerhus Audios free ‘Classic Reverb’ vst plugin. Classic Reverb is a nice and smooth reverb that does a good job on almost any instrument. It can be adjusted to sound like most any acoustic space, ranging from a small shower to a large concert hall. With the “Hi-Damping” control, it is possible to change the […]

Free VST EQ Plugin: Queue EQ

FREE QUEUE EQ PLUGIN: Another excellent addition to your free VST plugins folder from VescoFX. This free VST plugin is an equalizer. The sound of this EQ will very much remind you of many classic analog designs. You get access to four bands of equalization with two shelving filters and two peaking filters, a design […]

Expanding List of Free VST Mastering Plugins

Over the past few months I’ve been updating this site with free vst plugins from all over the net. And as with anything like this the amount of stuff available is quite simply breath taking. I’ll be combining a few categories here as well such as EQ, Limiters, Compressors, Sidechain, Metering and of course Mastering […]

Fromage: Free Filter/Distortion/Crunch VST Plugin

Fromage: Free Filter/Distortion/Crunch VST Plugin Hats off to this mad little bugger. Does a lot. Freature include: Highly resonant low-pass filter Cutoff frequency unit selection : Hz or musical note Up to 15 additional bands, harmonically distributed Delay on each band for unique phaser effects Distortion stage, with two routing schemes Very fine MIDI control […]

MonstaChorus: Free Stereo Chorus VST Plugin

Another addition to your free vst plugins folder, MonstaChorus – is a true analog style stereo chorus effect with a simple set of controls and fantastic sound quality. It features the usual depth and speed controls, plus a mixture knob to control the ratio of original to effected signal. Astute musicians will also notice that […]

Tube Baby: Free Tube Amp Simulation VST Plugin

Tube Baby: Free Tube Amp Simulation VST Plugin TubeBaby is a digital simulation of a tube guitar amplifier. As such it features the standard controls found on a real amplifier, namely gain, bass, mid, treble, presence, master and a switch for activating the high gain mode of the preamp stage. The latest version also features […]

Aradaz Free VST Guitar FX plugins.

Aradaz Free VST Guitar FX plugins. There are four FX available and all seem to have a small lean on CPU usage. Aradaz Crunch Amp Aradaz White Amp Aradaz Green Amp And the OUR Cabinet Simulator VST plugin, which has no GUI just parameter controls in your VST Host or DAW. Download them all from […]

Sonar Tips and Tricks: Sidechaining

<–Sonar and Sidechaining–> For this article I’ve used the free sidechain vst plugin created by slim slow slider download: here Sonar 7 upwards supports multi-input plug-ins, typically sidechain plug-ins. Sidechain plugins are VST effects that have two inputs, a main input and a sidechain input. When a VST sidechain effect is inserted in the FX […]

Free VST Guitar Plugin:PreAmpus Brain

AcmeBarGigs ‘Preampus Brain’ – Free VST Guitar Plugin, ‘Not wanting to leave you waiting for too long, AcmeBarGig are proud to follow up the Canadian Metal Mega Pack by releasing Preampus BRAIN, drawing influence from classic amps, this is a first from AcmeBarGig as we’re usually focused on creating entire new sounding plugs. This isn’t […]

Free VST Plugins – TLR Effects Pack

TLR Effects Pack: Free VST Plugins Pack, The Knob is a stereo consolidation effect. It takes your left and right inputs and allows you to crossfade between the two for a mono output (the output is actually in stereo, but the signal is mono). Basically this is just supposed to allow the user to take […]