Roland VS880 expanded PC Control Software

Due to a rather inconsistent jog wheel  I have delved deep into the sysex commands of the Roland VS880 to help mitigate some of the more tedious tasks and negate the temperamental time/jog wheel.

This is Panel created using CTRLR is a work in progress – some parameters don’t seem to output sysex and as such may not be able to be controlled,

So far this panel can control EQ, Track Routing, Effects 1 and 2 preset selection and routing of effects Off, Pre, Post, Insert etc

You will need CTRLR installed to use this panel either standalone or as a VST/AU plugin.

You can download the panel below.

Please take into account the time taken to create this.

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  1. Getting an 880ex in the Year of Our Gourd 2022, excited that I won’t have to make my own panel, thanks!

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