Christmas Presents for Guitarists – Magazines and Software

Heres a list of some ideas regarding the guitarist, a magazine subscription I believe keeps the mind fresh because every month something new will come along to try. Brilliantg for Kids who’ve just picked up the guitar and want to keep track of what’s happening in the guitar world.

Also a brilliant idea for christmas.

The following magazines are brilliant:

Total Guitar is dedicated to beginner and intermediate guitarists. It features profiles and interviews with big name and must-hear guitarists, in which their playing and gear secrets are revealed.

Total Guitar also transcribes the latest and classic guitar tunes so you can learn to play your favourite songs. Readers’ technical questions are answered in-depth every issue in Q&A, while the latest guitars, amps and effects are reviewed. No other magazine offers so much for newbies and improvers!

Total Guitar

Guitarist Magazine

Guitarist is the longest established UK guitar magazine, offering gear reviews, artist interviews and techniques lessons, tips and tricks.

Guitarist offers the world’s most authoritative guitar, amplifier and effects reviews, plus a CD or DVD every month.

There is also a great software package out there for Guitarists, it’s called Guitar Pro it costs 59 euros which in English money works out at around £50

Guitar Pro: a complete workshop for guitarists at an affordable price

If you’re looking for something with a bit more then you could look at Cakewalks Guitar Pro

Which at £127.99 @ Gear 4 Music may be a little more money but does look the business. Check out the specs below.

Now I understand that cehcking out the info below means nothing to a guitarist, and especially to someone who is not familiar with computer audio or DAWs.

Simply put Cakewalks Guitar Pro comes complete with an audio device that allows you to plug your guitar into your pc or laptop this means that you can turn your pc/laptop into a recording device, effects unit and mini amplifier.

For £127 that’s a pretty good deal – this not only includes the input device but also Cakewalk software which I’m a massive fan of.

There’s a hell of a lot included in this package.

Cakewalk by Roland Guitar Tracks 4 USB Music Production Software With UA-1G USB Audio Interface

— Guitar Tracks Pro USB provides a complete recording solution with the included Cakewalk UA-1G USB audio interface.

More Details:

Compact and portable, the UA-1G has a special 1/4″ guitar input with optimized settings for recording guitar. While high quality converters and super-low latency ensure you’re getting the best sound possible.

Multitrack Recording Software:

Easy-to-use interface puts key features just a mouse click away, while precise editing tools help you tweak your tracks to perfection. You don?t have to be a professional recording engineer to create your own high-quality tracks.


  • Simple multitrack recorder interface streamlined to make it easier than ever to record, edit, and mix your music
  • Record and playback up to 32 audio tracks at 24-bit/96 kHz quality
  • Record and playback up to 64 virtual instrument tracks
  • Track Templates help you set up to record
  • Arrange and edit music with point and click ease
  • Precise yet easy to use audio editing tools
  • Cakewalk Publisher allows you to create custom music players and playlists that you can share online
  • CD Burner to burn your finished tracks and mixes to CD

Virtual mixer lets you take control of your mix and get it just right with all the important tools and controls right there: mute, solo, pan, EQ, FX, and more.

Create, edit, and print your own notation and tablature from any MIDI file or MIDI track. Download MIDI files to learn and play along. Double synth parts on guitar. Make tab for your rhythm guitarist, and more. Included fretboard view makes it easy to match notes to the guitar neck.

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