Getting samples into Emu Esi32 Os 2.1 or lower

So you got an Emuesi32 without Os 3.

How do you get samples to the machine without using floppy?

The way I’ve done it means lots of software and a bit of fiddling.

Got patience?

You’ll need

1. Chicken Systems Translator – there’s a free vesion.

2. Cut.Rate.Keymapper – it’s free.

3. scsi cdrom for the ESI32 and a scsi cdwriter in you computer.

4. DOS burning software from Goldenhawk

4.0G MS-DOS (32-bit console) March 3, 2008

5. Up to date ASPI Drivers – found here

——————-Part 1——————–

Convert samples to mono 16bit 41000hz – for some reason stereo samples get split in two.

Open cut.rate.keymapper.

Add all samples using file icon.

Name the file and save in the same folder as the samples.

Don’t bother mapping the samples – this will be done using the ESI.
——————-Part 2——————–

Open Translator –

Using – Tools – create 2 virtual files – first 1 you want an akai-S1000, second drive emu.

Now expand the akai file so you can see the partitions in the left hand file viewer.

Find your saved akp file that you created.

Drag the file over to the first partition.

Now expand the akai partition so you can see the newly converted file.

Drag that over to the Emu drive – make sure you have the conversion options set to Esi 2.1 in format options.
——————-Part 3——————–

Now drop to dos, navigate to where you installed the DOS utilities.

Use FILE2CD to burn your Emu image to disc.


Once disc has burnt you can now try and load samples from the disc into your Emu Esi.

Map them to keys and save the bank if you have a zip or similar.

——————-Please Note——————–

This work around works for me.

It’s messy and a little time consuming.

It also needs all the equipment and software explained above.

I hope it works for you.

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