Stuttering Audio – Fixed

Ok yesterday I had major pains with my laptop – stuttering audio.


Checked audio drivers.

Seemed fine.

Trawled the internet and came across a possible solution.

Turned out to be something else, IDE drives.

Deleted IDE drives in system.


I don’t know what caused the problem, and it’s not re-occured since but…

Anyway for those who need a definitive way of doing this, here it is:

(DISCLAIMER)Please don’t blame me if things go wrong with your PC, I would consider myself a foolhardy kind of person who is prepared for the worst. This worked for me. Please read the rest before attempting – make sure you’re comfortable with what I’ve written.

XP only –

1. Goto Start –

2. Settings –

3. Control panel –

4. System – Double Click Icon

5. Hardware – Click on Tab

6. Device Manager – Click

Scroll through device drivers –

Look for IDE/ATAPI controllers –

Delete Primary IDE channels

PC should now ask to restart – once restarted it should reload drivers.

Test Sound – Hopefully it will solve the problem.

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