PC Problems – Vista SP1 update failure part 2 (fixed)

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If you subjected yourself to my previous article about service pack 1 failing to install then I have news for you.

I fixed it, but I’m not saying it’s a definite fix.

Here’s what I did.

I got drastic. It took all weekend.

Step 1

Backup up everything and did a factory reset install.

That is I deleted/formatted and reinstalled everything(windows).

Step 2

Once windows setup I disabled windows firewall and let each update install from scratch.

Until I reached SP1 everything went well.

Failed twice.

Step 3

So looked in some forums.

Saw a tip to delete all files from windows/SoftwareDistribution

Well I deleted all files that I could.

Downloaded the SP1 pack itself and it installed.


Now updates seem to work again.


This took far too much time really and I have a second laptop which means I can do without my other laptop.

My advice is this, unless the update failure is having a massive impact on your laptop/pc then don’t bother.

If like me you just want it to work then go this route – but be aware it’s a slog.

Also if you have or can get hold of another laptop/pc then make sure it’s connected to the internet so that you can search on any problems that present themselves.

If you’re not sure waht you’re doing then please leave alone.

And don’t blame me if it all goes tits up.

remember I’m an idiot.

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