PC Problems – Vista SP1 update failure – Part 1

This workthrough to fix this problem will be written as a running commentary as I work my way through this.

I’m going at this pretty cold so you may have to ignore some of my rants…

Backup EVERYTHING before you attempt this…

I am not an expert, I’m an idiot who sort of has a vague idea.


Ongoing problem with one of the many laptops that frequent my household.

That sounds like ‘oooh lookit me and all me laptops’

But it’s not meant that way.

I have three laptops and 1 desktop.

Desktop is my music daw and was a self build – it’s also now about 5 years old.

I have the laptop I’m currently working on – Dell with 1.6 ghz, 3gig and running XP – it’s not too bad.

The other two laptops are a compaq – problem with vista.

And a packard bell easynote which has ubuntu studio on – In the next few days I’ll explain why.

—-The Problem In Hand—-

The Compaq.

Model is Presario C500 with Vista Home installed.

Problem is that it doesn’t update – the missus uses it and as such I kind of ignore it’s problems. It get’s on the internet and programs work. But it’s now annoying because why should I pay for something and it not work properly?

So today I decided to fix it.

Well that’s not quite true – I tried a few months ago and gave up.

This new attempt started last night and google searches brought nothing new to light.

Go to microsofts site and there’s nothing there that helps.

So what do I do.

I could start from scratch.

Reinstall vista?

Well let’s leave that one, I tried that a while back and it didn’t fix the problem and besides it takes too long.

So let’s try solution 1.

Turn off all antivirus and firewalls – now start update.

That doesn’t work.

Solution 2.

One person in a forum I can’t find now said that this may be due to the Event Viewer not running?

Start in Safe Mode:

Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32LogfilesWMIRtBackup

Delete all files…

Need permission.

RANT ON Another annoying little contrivance of Microsofts programmers. Riddle me this Mr Gates, whose infinite wisdom begat the shithead idea to create Vista? What warped little pixie shat that idea into your cranium.

I hate Vista, I hate it with a passion – in the dictionary it’s got two definitions one next to useless the nest to pointless.

What was wrong with XP? Not making enough money?

It’s worse that Millenium, it’s bobbins, it’s crud, it should be consigned to the flames of my arse….RANT OFF

Actually I like Bill Gates – just Vista grrrr

Back to the problem…

Ok had a look around, Safe Mode Permission should be able to delete but I can’t so restart into normal mode.

Let’s try and delete normally,

Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32LogfilesWMIRtBackup

Again need permission. Grrr.

Noticed I’d left as selective start up – restart in normal – If you don’t know what that means ignore me.

Navigate again: C:WindowsSystem32LogfilesWMIRtBackup

Permission denied again…

Moved up into ‘WMI’ folder and Highlighted ‘RtBackup’ folder – right click – properties – security.

I’m there as administrator and I’m only got permission to Read & Execute, List folder contents and Read.

Click Edit button,

Highlight ‘me’ user

Tick all boxes ‘apply’

‘You are about to blah bla twaddle’ – ‘YES’

‘Access Denied’ – ArghhhhhhhH!!!!!

See how much vista blows?

UAC is currently turned off – turn that on see what happens.

start – run – msconfig – tools

scroll down until you see UAC enable click, apply and restart


Navigate again: C:WindowsSystem32LogfilesWMIRtBackup

UAC sucks just as bad.

Now it asks me questions every 2nd bleeding move I make.

But now it seems like Event Viewer is working.


But everytime I restart it the frigging thing wants to install updates.

Fricking groundhog day.

Let’s try something.

Uninstall all updates from day 1 and reinstall.

Start – Settings – Control Panel

Find: Programs and Features

View installed updates – side panel under Tasks.

Weird the only update I have is a hotfix for .Net framework 3.5 sp1. and I can’t uninstall it.

Go back to normal screen and uninstall .Net Framework.

Ok now I’m pretty daft with stuff like this – I kinda like breaking stuff so take this as a warning I now do not know what will happen – DO NOT FOLLOW anymore unless you really are an idiot. Read on if this works try it, but do not blame me if it kills you setup – Backup EVERYTHING before you attempt this…

Seen something else that states SP2 – MSXML 4.0 SP2

Ok let’s play surgeon – Gone!!!

So let’s start with updates again.

Start – Windows Update.

View available updates.

Untick everything.

Click published to put everything in order of date.

Updates should now from the bottom be older.

Tick the oldest and install.

We are going to do these one at a time and in dated order – hope you’ve got coffee and patience.

Repeat as before untick, click published so oldest goes to the bottom tick and install.

Repeat until Vista Service Pack 1 is next.

I’m installing everything here, recommended and important – remember to do it in order of date. We’re hopefully going to either get SP1 running or at least find out what is causing the problem.

Straight away I’ve got a problem.

Update KB936782 failed – error code 80070026.

Searching google doesn’t help. Lot’s of turn off Antivirus yadadya bing bang bong…

RANT ON: It’s really annoying, software should work or you shouldn’t be able to sell it.

And the arguement that being compatible with all laptops or desktops is impossible is a lame one. Microsoft is huge. Massive. It makes billions. That excuse doesn’t wash.

They shouldn’t sell the software if it doesn’t work PERIOD. RANT OFF

Back to wasting my time…

What about updating in safe mode with networking?

Well restarted into Safe Mode with networking but can’t start Updates.

Fire up Firefox and goto Microsoft Update.

Firefox not compatible ( should have known)

Start Up ‘Internet Explorer’ – goto Microsoft Update.

Internet Explorer asks for Active X to be installed.


Pfft – I’m bored – 2 hours now it’s shithouse really – microsoft can make all the excuse they like but if people made bridges or planes with the same amount of care and attention as microsoft do with their shitey software we’d be up to our necks in crashed planes and bridge debris.

Fuck it I’m really bored with this I’m having a rest…

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