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Beatstation – Edit Sounds Part 4

Beatstation -  Editing Sounds

Watch how to sound design inside Beatstation. Replace sounds, edit sounds and use the tools in Beatstation to create that perfect beat!

Q: What does Beatstation sound like?

Beatstation perspective
A: Beatstation covers any and all genres. It delivers the pristine quality organic samples that Toontrack has built its reputation on as well as cutting edge sound design for music on the fringe.

We’ve said “Beatstation is what you want it to be” from the moment we announced it and we truly mean that. It is a wide-open platform for shaping the core sound of your drums, bass and leads. Either by recording and sampling from scratch or with the Beatstation stock sounds as your starting point. From this powerful sound design platform you can then move on to create your own unique signature grooves. Beatstation  has MIDI and REX compatibility with drag and drop capabilities.
Whether you’re a traditional singer songwriter or a producer cutting tracks for the clubs, Beatstation and its BTX expansion packs will deliver new musical scopes for you to work in.

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