Iggy Pop: Living Legend

‘Punk star Iggy Pop will collect a living legend award at the Marshall Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards later this year.

Pop, who was the lead singer of The Stooges, will pick up his prize on 2 November in London.

“All those years of banging away in the dives and palaces of the weird universe of rock are finally adding up to something,” he said.

Previous recipients include Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page and Alice Cooper.’

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And about blummin’ time too, opened doors and went through further than most of us would dare to tread.

But without the old iguana a lot of us would not be doing what we are doing.

Not always at the forefront earlier in his career but a massive influence on those around him and those that came after.

And even though I don’t particularily agree with awards it’s nice to see Mr Oseterberg finally get the accolades he deserves.

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