Using iPad Synth with Reaper or any other DAW

Well this was something that got past me and all I can say is wow.

Getting audio from iPad synth into your daw using MacOs El Capitan and upwards is now a thing.

All you need is your iPad, a Daw – (I use reaper) and a lightning cable.

The beauty of this is that it can be set up so that midi can be sent to the iPad synth and then the audio can be payed back in your daw!


  1. Shut down your Daw
  2. Plug your iPad into an available USB slot
  3. Load synth on iPad
  4. Open Audio MIDI Setup
  5. Create Aggregate device add your main audio interface and add iPad – it will ask you to enable iPad and a message on your iPad will come up asking for your Mac to be trusted.
  6. Now in Reaper/Your Daw – go to Audio device and choose Aggregate device.
  7. In Reaper/Daw midi device settings enable your iPad.
  8. Insert track and arm with iPad as input for audio. Make sure you enable monitoring.
  9. Insert 2nd track and route output to iPad midi device. Make sure you arm track and enable monitoring.
  10. You should now be able to hear your iPad play audio through your daw when you play your keyboard/midi controller.

iOS Inter Device Audio Demo by Sweetwater

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