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Free Strumming Lesson with Audio: 1 2+3 4+1 2+(3)+ 4+

Free online guitar lesson – strumming with backing track – simple chords.       Play along with the backing track below.       Another free online guitar lesson brought to you by Astley Guitar Tuition and Untidy Music.

Strumming 1 2 3+4+

Strumming Pattern: 1 2 3+4+ Example 1: A major, Amaj7, A7 and D major Example 2: D major, Dmaj7, D7, G major Example 3: C major, Am7, Dm7, G7 Example 4: D7, G7, A7, D7

Strumming: 1+ 2 3 4

Strum pattern: 1 + 2 3 4 Example 1: G major, Em, A major and Am Example 2: Am, Am7, Em and Em9 Example 3: A major, D major and E major Example 4: E major, E7, A major and Asus2 Download PDF

Strumming 1 (2) 3 4 +

The following strum can be quite tricky to do. The (2) in the bracket is spoken but not played. As with previous strumming lessons there are audio examples for you to refer to if needed. Example 1: Em, G major, D major, A major Example 2: C major, Am7, Em, G major Example 3: G […]

Strumming 1 2 +(3)+ 4 +

The following lesson is primarily a series of strumming exercises that can also benefit chord changes. Each example has an audio example for you to listen to. In each example the strum is played once for each bar. The strum shown below is quite a comfortable strum to learn but usually it is learnt by […]