Propellerheads Rebirth Reborn

Over the last few weeks my time has been redirected, that is to say my mind has been turned away from the more pc based music creation software to hardware.

An old QY10 that I ‘found’ dragged up old memories of Roland 303’s and Yamaha RM1x’s.

It was while I was looking for at 303’s on yout tube that my slothlike memory pulled out a fractured memory of a peice of software that I’d forgotten about.

In 1997 about the time I first touched a PC, the software, Propellerheads, the company that now brings you ‘Reason’ and ‘Record’ – released  ‘RebirthRB 338’  an emulation of the Roland 303.

Propellerhaeds: Rebirth

Now the good news, it’s ‘free’.

How cool is that?

You’ll need to register with The Rebirth Museum

Then you’ll have to download an .ISO image and burn that to CD.

It’s a bit of a rigmarole but you need the cd in order for the software to work.

The software also takes a little getting used to.

I’m not going to write a tutorial just yet. I’m trying to figure out how to use the rewire function.

Problems with vista also – this was fixed by installing as normal then copying the demo file to the desktop and opening that instead.

Navigate to your propellerhead folder and find Rebirth copy the demo song file and paste it on your desktop.

How close the emulation is to the Roland 303 is not my main interest with this software.

I’m a hardware geek so that little monkey will have to be indulged with a visit to Fleabay.

That said ‘Rebirth’ is cool once you get your head into it. Throw some headphones on and get programming.

I’ll be throwing a few tutorials up on how to get the most from this very cool piece of software.

Be cool.

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