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LoopAZoid 48 channel, 64 voice stereo drum sampler

What they say:

With LoopAZoid, you get an easy to use and powerful tool for playing one-shot samples in your songs. One instance holds up to 48 different samples, which can be freely assigned to up to 96 different MIDI notes – two each, for forward & reverse playback.


Used it a few years ago now but at the time was quite a cool little vst. From what I remember could only handle samples at 41000hz and 16bit.

You’ll need kit samples and also you’ll have to figure out kit arrangement.

Requires some work and research, but it’s free so it’s worth the graft.



No Review as yet.

What they say:

MeldaProduction finally developed total drum solution – MDrummer is a highly sophisticated (not-only) percussive instrument engine which extends features of all existing products on the market together.

MDrummer is so splendid, that we could talk about it for hours, but maybe it would be easier to try it.

Download MDrummer for free.

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