Dropbox online free online storage and network folder sync

Dropbox free online storage

Looking for an easy online storage system that can sync files between all your computers?

Well Dropbox is in my opinion the perfect solution.

As a user for over a year now I have it installed on two pcs, my laptop, iPhone and iPad.

Primarily I use it to sync files across all my devices to save on using a USB stick.

Works flawlessly on all my devices syncing chosen folders across my network.

I use it to share and as a backup for my important files.

You can also share folders with other users of Dropbox which comes in useful for collaborations and teaching.

If you get a Dropbox account you can also get added storage by inviting people to join.

If you share files with those invitees you get more storage!

The only negative is that you can’t write protect files.

This means that if someone decides to delete a file it will delete it from Dropbox.

My advice is to share only one folder and ask that users do not delete anything.

Apparently there are lots of requests for write protected folders on the Dropbox website so fingers crossed.

You can of course pay for extra storage if needed.

Brilliant service and well worth it.

Check it out.

Dropbox free online storage

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