G Sharp G# – A Ab flat Major Barre Chord for Guitar

G Sharp – G# – A flat Ab Major

Barre Chord for Guitar

Movable guitar chords, barre chord knowledge is invaluable to the guitarist.

The A sharp barre chord is played on the 4th fret of the guitar using the barre chord F shape.

The barre chord F is created by fretted an E major shape with your 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers and then laying your 1st finger across all the strings.

You’ll have to practice getting the correct pressure to get a clean chord.

One tip is to make sure your thumb is in line with your index finger and they almost pincer the neck.

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Understanding movable chords.

With the E shape barre chord the ‘E’ String is where we get the ‘Note’ part of the chord name.

Example using the Open E Chord:

Open Chord = E

1st Fret Barre = F

3rd Fret Barre = G

5th Fret Barre = A

7th Fret Barre = B

8th Fret Barre = C

10th Fret Barre = D

The missed frets above ie 2nd, 4th, 6th etc are where our sharp(#) and flat(b) chords are.

If we sharpen a chord – move up 1 fret we get a # chord.

1st fret to 2nd fret F becomes F# – F sharp

If we flatten a chord – move down 1 fret we get a b chord.

3rd fret to 2nd fret G becomes Gb – G flat.

3rd fret to 4th = G becomes G# – G sharo

5th fret to 4th = A becomes Ab – A fkat

5th to 6th = A becomes A# – A sharp

7th to 6th = B Becomes Bb – B flat

And so on…

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