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Yamaha PS460 Synth Preset 1 Kontakt Instrument

Yamaha PS460 Synth Preset 1 Kontakt Instrument Ebay is a treasure trove of 80s treats and this little kids keyboard is one of them. Only one speaker works on this particular machine and it is quite dirty and battered but it’s outputs are clean and with effects this bugger can sound very nice. I  have […]

Reaper: Media Explorer Midi Pitch Change Transpose

Reaper: Media Explorer Midi Pitch Change Transpose Audition and Transpose in Reaper’s media explorer. Add pitch shift to menu bar/tool bar… Download Decent Sampler free VST Sampler/Rompler for Reaper and other DAWs…

Casio SA-20 Drum Loop Samples

CASIO SA-20 Drum Loop Samples Casio SA-20 Drum Loop samples recorded at 120bpm on to cassette tape SolaVox SCD2070 tapedeck and transferred to computer via Delta 1010 into Reaper and edited in Audition. CASIO SA 2- Keyboard Drum Beat Samples  

Free Sample Packs Slate Digital

Download every sample pack for free Free Sample Packs from Slate Digital until Jan 01 Slate Digital are excited to announce that every sample pack we make is now 100% free to download until Jan 1—including 4 brand-new packs covering modern R&B, Pop, Ambient Electronic, and modern Guitar. All royalty-free, all ready to drop into […]

Free Kontakt Instruments and Soundfonts to download

Free Samplepacks, Kontakt Instruments and Soundfonts. 5 New sampled RM1x free Kontakt instruments and Soundfonts available for download. Each new Kontakt Instrument, Soundfont and Samplepack is created from a working RM1x Groovebox and sampled at 24bit across the keyboard range. For full range of soundfonts to download go to this page. Free Soundfonts to Download […]