Music Tech Magazine

Music Tech Magazine

MusicTech DAW Masterclass

DAW Masterclass
Getting to know your DAW better will not only help you make music more effectively, it can also spark your creativity. Mark Cousins and Hollin Jones show you around in this 13-page special feature.

Ten Minute Masters
Step Sequencers
Despite having only a few notes at their disposal, step sequencers are still an essential tool for electronic music production. We explain why.
Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones are a popular choice within the studio, but what difference does the capsule design make? Grant Bridgeman goes beneath the grille.


MusicTech - Guitar Tech

The seventhMusic Tech Focus edition is on sale now. This 132-page special edition magazine concentrates purely on Guitar Technology and features:

  • 132 pages of pure Guitar Technology
  • Recording electric, acoustic and bass guitars
  • Live performance and hardware recording
  • Getting started, choosing the right software and emulation
  • Compression, delay, distortion and mixing and loads more
  • PLUS – Free DVD with full version NI Guitar Rig Go, 120 minutes of video tutorial, plug-in demos and all the workshop resources

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